TotalBoat Underwater Repair Epoxy (2-Pint)

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • Versatile, 2-part epoxy repair compound for filling voids, patching holes, and sealing leaks in aluminum, fiberglass, wood, steel, and concrete hulls and other structures

  • Super-sticky putty is ideal for emergency repairs due to water intrusion to help your boat stay afloat

  • Can be mixed, applied, and cured underwater, and even while underway

  • At 70F, starts to get firm in 2 hours; becomes completely hard and ready to machine, tap, or drill in 6-8 hours (cure time is temperature dependent). Do not use in air or water temperatures below 50F

  • For interior and exterior use above, at, or below the waterline to prevent wood and concrete from deteriorating and metals from eroding. Available in three convenient sizes to suit many repair jobs: 2-Pint Kit, 2-Quart Kit, and 2-Gallon Kit

  • Size : 2-Pint

TotalBoat Underwater Repair Epoxy is a two-component epoxy repair and quick-patch putty ideal for emergency repairs to seal leaks, fill holes, and rebuild or patch voids in fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, and concrete surfaces. This super-sticky putty won't sag on vertical or overhead surfaces and can be mixed, applied, and cured underwater or above the waterline in wet places. Underwater Repair Epoxy is an essential part of any emergency repair toolkit because you don't have to haul out to use it, and it gives you 30 minutes to put the putty in place. Because it can cure underwater, it can cure underway, which may make all the difference in returning to harbor safely.

This very versatile, exceptionally abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant epoxy repair putty is great for repairing damage to hulls, docks, decks, pilings, concrete barriers, and much more. In addition to repairing existing damage, it also protects against corrosion on metals, and prevents deterioration of wood and concrete surfaces. Compare TotalBoat Underwater Repair Epoxy to MAS Aqua Zone and Pettit Splash Zone, and you'll find it's a much better value.

TotalBoat Underwater Repair Epoxy has a simple 1:1 mix ratio that's easy to mix and apply using a putty knife, or by hand (be sure to wear tight-fitting latex or nitrile gloves). Just keep it wet while mixing, and combine until the putty is a uniform dark green color. Apply it to a thickness of approximately 1/8 -1/4 then allow 6-8 hours drying time before drilling, tapping, or machining. Not suitable for use with potable water. Not sandable and paintable, but can be overcoated with TotalBoat TotalProtect Epoxy Barrier Coat Primer or 2-Part Epoxy Primer before applying antifouling paint. All TotalBoat products are developed by boaters for boaters, to provide great value and great results. We know what works and what doesn't. 100% made in the USA.