RESURS Total 50 g Top Quality Petrol Engine/Diesel Engine/LPG Engine/Car Engine Restorer Nano Technology Oil Additive/Engine Additive/Engine Treatment/Engine Restoration/Nano Restorer/Remetalizer

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • DECREASES FUEL consumption by up to 7%.

  • RESTORES WORN PARTS to their factory characteristics by up to 70-95%.

  • PROTECTS ENGINE PARTS from wear & tear.

  • Up to 5 times LESS OIL BURNING in the engine.


  • Size : full size

Effective anti wear protection during cold starts, over heating, sharp acceleration and braking. Advantages: Restoration and anti wear protection of all types of car engines. Fuel economy. Compression improvement. Oil waste decreasing. O concentration decreasing Dosage: 1 bottle of 50g for 2-3 liters of oil Recommended to use 1-3% of RESURS to protect and restore your engine. Dosage depends on engine condition, mileage, age, drive style. Recommended: Up to 100,000 km - 50 g. 100,000 - 170,000 km - 100 g (6 l - 150 g). Over 170,000 km - 100 g (6 l - 150 g). How to use: 1. Recommended to change oil and filter. 2. Warm up the engine and stop it. 3. Shake the bottle intensively for 20-30 sec. 4. Pour the content into the oil system. 5. Idle the engine during 10-15 minutes. Recommended to apply RESURS every time when oil change to protect your engine and extend its service life. * RESURS TOTAL is compatible with all types of oil. Note: RESURS doesn't restore broken parts of engine.