RESURS Total 50 g Automatic Transmission Oil Additive/Gearbox Restorer/Gear Restorer/Automatic Gearbox Restorer/Automatic Transmission Restorer/Nano Gearbox Restorer/CVT Transmission Restorer

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • RESTORES AND PROTECTS automatic transmissions from wear.

  • Protects from OVERHEATING.

  • EASES gear changes.

  • PROTECTS FROM WEAR while changing gears.

  • DECREASES OR ELIMINATES unwanted noise and vibration.

  • Color : brown automatic transmission oil additive

  • Size : full size

Purpose: transmissions protection and restoration without disassembling. Increases service life of the transmission. Advantages: Restoration and anti wear protection of automatic transmission. Protection from over heating. Protection during gear changes. Dosage: 1 bottle of 50 g (up to 8 liters of oil). Add another bottle after some run if needed. Compatible with ATF II, ATF III, Dexron 2, Dexron 3. How to use: 1. Recommended to change ATF. 2. Warm up the engine not less than 30 min and stop it. 3. Shake up the bottle intensively for 20-30 sec. 4. Switch AT to D mode. 5. Pour the content with thin trickle into the oil system. 5. Drive minimum 10-50 km. Recommended to apply RESURS for automatic transmissions in the vehicles with run only from 120 000 km. Note: RESURS doesn't restore broken parts of transmission.