Odor Eliminator, Not a Cover up, (Pack of 3) Total Release Aerosol Spray & Fogger - 1 each: Fresh Air, Mountain Air, Ocean Scent

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • More than a refreshing Fragrance, it completely counteracts and destroys offensive odors in your home, car, SUV, RV, business

  • Kills bad odors, regardless of their source: dog & cat, smoke, fire, spoiled food, sickroom, skunk, and more!

  • Easy to Use 5.0 Oz. Net Weight Aerosol Can- Dual Action Dispenser for short burst spray or as a fogger

  • Use as a Total Release Fogger for whole room treatment at once - it penetrates into all areas where the bad odors are hiding

  • California / OTC VOC Compliant

1 can will treat up to 6,000 cubic feet when used as a TOTAL RELEASE Fogger (aka odor bomb). Leaves behind a FRESH AIR, MOUNTAIN AIR, OR OCEAN FRESH fragrance without affecting your sense of smell. Will not harm fabrics when used as directed.