MotorSilk Engine Oil Treatment

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • PROVEN to increase gas mileage and cut emissions up to 10%

  • Lengthens engine life, reduces friction and wear up to 80%

  • Lowers operating temperature

  • Cleans engine of sludge and varnish

  • One use is good for 100,000 miles, not needed every oil change

Motor SilkTM Engine Treatment protect the vital working parts of your engine from friction, micro pitting, corrosion, and wear, which increases the performance, efficiency and life of your engine. Motor SilkTM Engine Treatment contain Boron-based components that forms a strong covalent and ionic bond with the metal surface, lifting any existing carbon or varnish and forming a permanent new surface that is super-slippery and super-hard. This new surface is 85% as hard as diamonds and has a friction coefficient under 0.01, far surpassing the most expensive synthetic oils on the market. This permanent boundary surface is impervious to contaminants, blocking oxygen and virtually eliminating particles caused by friction. Motor SilkTM Engine Treatment is compatible with all engine oils and exceeds all manufacturers' engine warranty and A.P.I. requirements.