MetroBumper - Heavy Duty Outdoor Rear Bumper Guard. Premium Quality Bumper Protector. Ultimate Best Bumper Protection!

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • All Weather Material

  • Premium Quality Materials - Soft Foam Rubber Trunk Strap Pads

  • Extra Wide Bumper Protection Area 42 x 12

  • Triple Stitched Trunk Security Straps

  • Raised Impact Ribs (Absorb Bumps)

  • Color : Black

MetroBumper is a rear bumper guard that provides a cushioned barrier for low impact parking bumps. It's designed for use on parked vehicles only (not for use while driving). The unique ribbing is hollow on the backside, so it provides flexible impact zones throughout the product. Product is premium quality, which means the material feels like a quality rubber and stays flexible in all weather conditions. MetroBumper attaches inside a vehicles trunk using Velcro straps. Trunk straps are two-tone silver with black. MetroBumper is folded in half once and packaged in a clear plastic pouch with easy to follow color instructions.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Keep it clean. Regularly clean MetroBumper and bumper surface with mild soap and water.

WARNING: MetroBumper is intended for parked vehicles only. Never drive with the product attached. Return product to trunk before driving and/or operating vehicle. Never block vehicle exhaust pipes as this will damage the product. Failure to follow directions may result in serious injury and/or vehicle damage.

ATTENTION: Do not block your rear license plate with MetroBumper when parking on the street. This can result in a fine.