Malco Buff Lite II Finishing Creme, One Step Professional Cutting, Polishing and Finishing Compound for Auto Paint Correction,Detailing and Buffing, 1 gallon (114101)

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • Light buffing and polishing compound designed to remove 1500-grit and finer sand scratches and leave finishes free of swirl marks.

  • Easily remove fine sand scratches, makes treatment of scratches, moderate oxidation and enviornmental damage fast and easy.

  • Provides brilliant gloss with one-step convenience.

  • Cuts and polishes with both foam and wool pads.

  • Contains no waxes, fillers or silicones.

Malco Buff Lite II is a light compound designed to easily remove P2000 grit and finer sand scratches without producing noticeable swirls. Buff Lite II produces outstanding gloss with both foam and wool buffing pads. This unique compound works quickly with minimal dust and haze. DIRECTIONS Shake well before using. For best results use with a Malco blended yellow wool medium cutting pad (810147). Apply a 2 dab of Buff Lite II for a 2 x 2 section and spread with the cutting pad. For maximum cutting action, use a wool pad. For maximum gloss, use a foam compounding pad. Do not apply excessive pressure on buffer. Buff at a speed between 1400 - 1800 rpm. After compounding, wipe surface with a microfiber cloth and then apply a Malco glaze or wax to finish and protect.