BumperBadger HD EDITION - 2016 New Design - The #1 Rear Bumper Protector and Rear Bumper Guard For Outdoor Street Parking

Maximum Purchase:
3 units

Product Overview

  • Patented Top Stabilizer Bars - Keeps Product Flat on the Bumper

  • Premium Quality Material - All Weather Protection

  • Impact Absorption Zones - Raised Ribs Cushion Minor Parking Bumps

  • Extra Wide Protection Area For Maximum Protection - 46 inches Wide x 12 inch Tall

  • Triple Stitched Trunk Straps - For Durability and Strength

  • Color : Black

BumperBadger is a temporary rear bumper guard that's meant for parked vehicles only (NOT INTENDED FOR DRIVING USE). After you park simply flip the BumperBadger out of the trunk so that it covers the rear bumper. Before driving or operating the vehicle flip the product back inside the trunk and store flat.

The newly redesigned BumperBadger is a must have if you park on the street. New features include (1) Linear raised ribbing that protrude from the front surface and provide a flexible impact zone to cushion minor parking bumps (2) Top stabilizer bars keep the BumperBadger flat and stable on the bumper for maximum protection (3) Triple stitched trunk straps are strong and anchor the BumperBadger inside the trunk (4) and extra wide surface to cover more of the bumper.

46 inches Wide x 12 inch Tall

MAKE YOUR BUMPERBADGER HAPPY :) CLEAN IT REGULARLY. Wash your BumperBadger and the vehicle bumper surface regularly as needed. For best results use a soft car wash brush (to get inside the corners) and a bucket of soapy water. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive sponges on the BumperBadger since it can damage the material.

BumperBadger is intended for parked vehicles only. Never drive or operate vehicle with the product hanging outside the vehicle. Always return product to trunk before driving and/or operating vehicle. Never block vehicle exhaust pipes as this will damage the product.

Do not cover your rear license plate with BumperBadger or you risk getting a ticket. If your license plate is in the lower rear bumper.