304 Stainless Steel Billet Grille Grill Combo Fits 2007-2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 #N19-C33116C

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3 units

Product Overview

  • Only the iGrille is polished on all 4 sides - unlike an aluminum billet grill which only has 1 finished surface. Choose the iGrille for a stainless steel grill that is unique and upscale looking. No more 'WHISTLING NOISE' issue as other grilles may have.

  • Stainless steel affords much better protection against oxidation and tarnish than aluminum grilles. Choose the iGrille for long lasting 3D shine.

  • iGrille bars are heavier, 50% wider, and have smaller gaps in between than aluminum billet grille inserts. Choose the iGrille for a beefier look and superior protection against impact or flying rocks.

  • The iGrille is the only grille that is rivet fastened - making it flawless looking front to back. Choose the iGrille for fine craftsmanship and zero whistling noise caused by traditional welding methods.

  • 1pc Top Bumper grille(Bolt Over/Overlay/Bolton) and 2pc Main Upper grille(Bolt Over/Overlay/Bolton) .This is a custom fit billet grill - please check your vehicle compatibility against Amazon's 'see all vehicles this product fits' link, or to our fitment notes. Your Package includes instructions, and all the hardwared necessary for a quick and easy install. (Emblem or grille shell not included.) Choose the iGrille and show off your DIY skills.

  • Color : Silver


2007-2012 Chevy Silverado 1500

Package Content

This item includes Bolt Over Style or Replacement (Drilling may require) Silver Main Upper + Lower Bumper Grille Grill Inserts with Premium Hairlines Polished surface finish, mounting hardwares and installation paper.


What is the iGrille? The iGrille is a hairline stainless steel grill insert that was made to be different. Only the iGrille has 3D shine.
Each bar on this grille is polished on all 4 sides; unlike an aluminum grille which only has 1 finished surface. Made of grade 304 stainless steel, the iGrille far surpasses aluminum grilles for protection against oxidation and corrosion.
The iGrille will stay polished and shiny looking whereas an aluminum grille may look tarnished and lackluster with time. Size matters! The iGrille is wider and heavier than an aluminum grille for the same application. At a hefty 6mm in width, the iGrille is 50% wider. Choose the iGrille for a grille that truly stands out on your vehicle!